In the fall of 1996, the Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival was born. Now named Twist: Seattle Queer Film Festival, it’s become the largest LGBT film festival in the Northwest. Major feature film premieres and bootstrapped independent darlings screen here, and the 10,000-plus crowd of attendees creates a buzzing atmosphere.

The 2018 Twist Film Festival in Seattle will return this October 11-21 and these are some of the films we’re looking forward to catching.

Opening Night: The Happy Prince

Focusing on the latter years of iconic writer Oscar Wilde, this film provides deep insight into the bigotry and hardships he faced. Having been sentenced and served two years of hard labor, Wilde reunites with his old love Lord Alfred Douglas, and deals with struggles an alienated wife played by Emma Watson.

Authenticity: Trans Shorts

This series of shorts focuses on presenting authentic glimpses into different trans people. It shows everyday characters doing their unique jobs and tasks like running a dog-walking business and taking care of the elderly. There are elements of common struggles, and more politically-focused ones that manifest in protest and thought-provoking conversation.

George Michael: Freedom – The Director’s cut

The flashy and unforgettable musician George Michael passed away last year, and fans can celebrate his life with this documentary. The man behind songs like “I Want Your Sex,” and “Careless Whisper” had an electric personality, making this a gripping and unique music doc experience.


A beautiful glimpse into youthful shenanigans and love, L’Animale tells the story of a motocross-bike riding girl whose best friend falls in love with her. Both part of a band of trouble-makers, these characters have to deal with their passionate feelings and the precarious situations their adventures put themselves in.

Hard Paint

The visuals in this film look incredible with highly stylized neon colors galore. It’s a love story that takes place in southern Brazil, and it’s complemented by coming-of-age awkwardness and humor, intense and moving depictions of bullying, and an adult webcam performance character who seems like a standout.

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