If you’re a Whitney Houston fan, this show is a must-see. While you’ll certainly miss hearing her hit the high notes in I Will Always Love You, this new rendition, directed by Thea Sharrock and starring Deborah Cox, will have you silently singing and dancing in your seat.

It’s at the Paramount Theatre

One of the busiest theaters in the region, The Paramount hosts everything from broadway musicals and concerts to family engagements and comedy nights. The theater can comfortably accommodate over 2,000 guests, and is famous for hosting superstars like Madonna, Nirvana and Pink Floyd.


The soundtrack to The Bodyguard became the best-selling soundtrack of all time, selling more than 45 million copies worldwide. It features five Whitney Houston hits: I Will Always Love You, I’m Every Woman, I Have Nothing, Run to You, and Queen of the Night.

It Has Romance and Intrigue

The musical centers around the romance between superstar Rachel Marron and her bodyguard, Frank Farmer. After an unknown stalker threatens Marron’s life, Farmer steps in to offer protection and partnership. We love a good thriller, especially when it comes with a side of unexpected romance.

It Stars Deborah Cox

Grammy award-winning, Canadian R&B singer Deborah Cox absolutely shines in this modern remake. Not many women can fill a room like Whitney Houston, but Cox has proven herself more than up for the challenge.

See The Bodyguard on tour in Seattle from November 14-19.