New Year’s is coming up, and we’re taking the time ponder how we can enjoy Seattle more in the coming year. Here’s our list of our Seattle resolutions for 2019.

Enjoy Seattle’s Unique Neighborhoods

We want to enjoy each of the city’s unique neighborhoods to the fullest. From exploring Fremont to discovering where to eat in Capitol Hill and wandering around Queen Anne, we can’t wait to get to know each of Seattle’s interesting neighborhoods.

Give To Businesses That Give Back

We recently highlighted some of the most inspirational Seattle Businesses That Give Back. Inspired by their mission to better our society, and the lives of others, we definitely want to give more to these types of establishments in the year to come.

Drink Better

Part of embarking on a new year is making a deal with yourself to grow up a little bit. And as home to one of America’s best beer scenes, Seattle makes that easy. Check out our list of the city’s best breweries to drink better in 2019.

Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

Another part of growing up, and acknowledging important efforts by people around the world, is for each of us to constantly try and reduce our carbon footprint. This means using less plastic, being responsible with energy, and taking more time to enjoy clean methods of travel like Seattle’s bike share program.

Enjoy Nature

To add further inspiration to living green, and to traveling well and enjoying life more, we’re going to spend more time in nature this year. The Pacific Northwest has amazing natural attractions like the nearby Puget Sound, which is more than worth a visit in 2019.

Discover More of Seattle

Explore the Emerald City with our insider’s guide online. Find our recommendations for the best Seattle experiences on the Pan Pacific blog!