Overlooking a design store in Seattle.Whether you’re slowly transitioning your living room from woodsy to mid-century mod, or you simply need a few little touches of flair for your new office space, you’re bound to find your next favorite piece at one of these fabulous home design and furniture stores in Seattle.

The Best Design Stores in Seattle


Ballard’s hip mid-century furniture and and houseware showroom, Digs, fuses modern design with Pacific Northwest simplicity. We love that it offers exclusively North American-made independent designs, including Seattle favorites like Fruitsuper and Urbancase. Drop by and check out the vast array of tables, lights, mirrors and sofas. You’ll feel good about purchasing any of the shop’s thoughtfully selected brands. Digs: 2002 NW Market St.; 206-457-5709

Camelion Design

Warm and homey, this whimsical shop in Ballard is chock full of modern furniture, decor, books, jewelry and knick knacks.  Owner Nicole Vandermeulen prides herself on sourcing thoughtful, sustainable, and affordable pieces that will inspire and delight you. Camelion Design: 5330 Ballard Ave. NW; 206-783-7125

Earthwise Architectural Salvage

Looking for reclaimed wood to build your dream dinner table? How about old stained glass windows to repurpose? Earthwise is the place to be. This meticulously organized, Pinterest-lover’s paradise has so many trinkets and treasures, you’ll leave feeling like you could be the next Chip or Joanna Gaines. Earthwise Architectural Salvage: 3447 4th Ave. S; 206-624-4510


This West-Seattle furnishing and home decorating store prioritizes classic pieces that never go out of style. The five women who own Capers—Mary, Peggy, Lisa, Claire and Joey—are champions of local products, as well as items produced by fairtrade women’s cooperatives. Stop by and pick up your next family heirloom. Capers: 4525 California Ave SW; 206-932-0371

Jacob Willard Home

This family-owned used-furniture shop in Seattle’s Hillman City neighborhood is overflowing with midcentury modern and vintage charm. Owner Karl Hackett has been referred to as a “walking index of design” and will eagerly assist you with whatever furniture or decorative objectives you might have. Jacob Willard Home: 5600 Rainier Ave. S. Suite D.; 206-290-8619