Every September, Design in Public and AIA Seattle combine forces to bring together designers, community members, experts and city officials to celebrate design and the many ways it impacts, and enhances Seattleites’ quality of life. Here are just a few of this month’s activities and exhibitions open for your exploration.

Guide to the 2017 Seattle Design Festival

Tolerance 9/9-9/22

Bosnian-born comic artist Mirko Ilić’s resume includes a stint as the art director for Time Magazine’s international edition, and art director of the op-ed pages of the New York Times. His exhibit, Tolerance, is a compilation of posters designed by renowned artists from around the world. From “I ❤ NY” logo creator Milton Glaser, to contemporary Iranian graphic designer and typographist Reza Abidini, the exhibition features a diverse array of works exploring themes related to tolerance, like fear, curiosity, and human connection.

Block Party: The People on the Margins 9/9-9/10

Set in Pioneer Square’s Occidental Park, this “Block Party” is an audio installment that highlights the voices and stories of marginalized populations. In doing so, organizers hope to create space for the silenced—empowering them to speak their truths and enabling them to connect with their broader communities.  

Block Party: Strike a Power Pose 9/9-9/10

Presented by Seattle Women in Design and the National Association of Women in Construction Puget Sound, this workshop teaches visitors how to “power pose.” Inspired by Amy Cuddy’s 2012 TedTalk, these “power posing” lessons aim to show that when women act powerfully and confidently, they can start to harness real power. This is particularly important for women in male dominated fields, like construction, architecture and engineering.  

Tour The Bullitt Center 9/9

Built on the outskirts of Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, The Bullitt center was designed to be the greenest building in the word, and opened on Earth Day in 2013. For just $5, you can get the inside scoop on the impressive office building’s greywater and rainwater treatment systems, non-flush toilets, and solar panels.

Closing Party 9/22

Don’t miss the grand finale of this year’s festival, with a Seattle Design Festival Closing Party at Karass Creative. The evening fête will feature live music, food, drinks, design, and, of course, dancing.

Photo courtesy of Design in Public on Facebook.